Can I Stay at the Boat House?

Who can stay at the house?  If you are friends of the Piche family, then as they say in Texas "Mi casa es su casa".  We invite our friends to enjoy the Boat House.  We also invite those with winning auction bids in several charity fund raising events to stay at the house.

Do you rent the house?  We do not rent the Boat House!  However, family and friends are welcome to stay at the house anytime for free!  Yep, free!  

When is it available?  We keep the calendar up to date.  If you see a time period that is available, please contact Steve via email to reserve a stay. 

Is a cleaning service available?  Like your momma always said, we expect you to clean up after yourself.  We have a set of instructions on the side of the refrig.  It is pretty easy to clean up so people are usually happy to pitch in.