Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will you send us a key?
A:  No.  We have a lock box located to the right of the main entrance door and it contains a key.  Steve will give you the code for the lock box.  In addition, there is a key in the garage.  You can open the garage by using the same code as the lock box.  You will find the key pad near the left side of the garage door.  You must enter the code and follow it with an enter.  You will find the key on the left side of the garage, just behind the door on the floor of the garage.  It is very important that you make sure the keys are left in the same place after you leave.

Q: Do you have Wi-Fi and TV?
A:  Yes to Wi-fi and yes to streaming TV (but no cable TV).  For Wi-fi, you will find the username and password written on top of the modem which is located next to the couch on the side stand.  Also, we do not have cable TV.  Instead, we have an Apple TV box hooked up to the TV so you can stream NetFlix, etc using Apple TV.

Q:  Can we eat or drink anything we find in the cupboards or liquor cabinet?
A:  Yes, you can eat or drink anything you find.  We are not particularly attached to anything in the cupboards, refrigerator or liquor cabinets.  (If we were, we probably would have ate or drank it already!)  So, use anything you want and replace stuff in a comparable manner.  If no one will be using the place for a significant time after you leave (see calendar), please toss any perishable items out before you leave.

Q:  When we get ready to leave, what do we do?
A:  Right now, we do not have a maid service so we ask that you clean up when you leave.  On the right side of the refrigerator, you will find a list of things to do before you leave.  You will find cleaning supplies in the front bathroom and a vacuum cleaner in the closet of the second bedroom.  All sheets and towel go in a basket in the main bedroom closet.  (If you get a chance and want to earn brownie points, you can do the laundry you find in this basket while you are staying at the place.  Please do small loads and do not leave anything in the dryer or washing machine when you leave.)  Please read the list on refrigerator carefully and follow precisely!  In the future, we hope to get a maid service but Steve keeps getting too busy skiing or hiking to set up a maid service!  

Q:  What do we do with trash and recycling when we leave?
A:  Trash day is Monday.  Steve has to call a service to have the trash picked up.  (Remind him to do this!)  Put the trash out Monday morning and bring it back in in the afternoon.  Because of bear problems, it is very important that you not leave the trash can out over-night!  As far as recyclables go, you can either leave them in the plastic cartoons in the garage or take them to the recycling center on your way out of town.  The recycling center is located just to the east of the corner of Main Street and Huron on the north side of town.  Head north on Main St, take a right on Huron and go 100 yards and you will find the recycling center (a set of dumpsters) on the left side of the road.  If you do go, check the plastic containers in the garage to see if there is some left over recyclables and take them along for the ride!

Q:  Are there any discounts on lift tickets?
A:  Nope!  I always recommend that people buy a season pass even if they plan to only ski 4 days.  It costs $165 per day for a single day ticket.  You can get a slight discount if you buy a multi-day pass.  You can buy a season pass for $489; however, you must buy it before Thanksgiving.  If you show up mid-season with no pass, expect to pay full price and no whining about it.  Next fall, you can buy a season pass.

Q:  How do I get to the ski hill?
A:  Lucky, lucky you because we have a free shuttle stop across the street from us and the bus runs every 15 minutes.  (It comes by at :00, :15, :30 and :45; you should double check the schedule at the stop as these times are for winter 2017.)  To get to the stop, head out the drive way, go across the street and head right about 50 feet.  In the morning, the bus is usually always on time.  You will have about a 10 minute ride to the Beaver Run stop where you can buy tickets and get on the chairlift.  At the end of the day, we recommend using a different bus stop.  Head to the bottom of the Quicksilver lift, walk through the Village to the Main Street Station.  The bus comes by here at :03, :18, :33 and :48.  Better yet, head to the Quandary Grill for happy hour that goes until 5.  The Quandary Grill is only 50 feet from the bus stop and has $3 Colorado beers and half price appetizers.   

Q:  Where can I rent skis?
A:  I also recommend Carver's on Main Street.  Try to get there early in the morning or head over the night before.  Lines can get long on the weekends for rentals at any of the places.

Q:  What are best restaurants?
A:  During the winter, we rarely go out to dinner in town.  It is crowded and expensive.  Instead, we take advantage of the many, many excellent happy hours.  Check out the happy hours at Quandary (nice bar/grill), Mi Casa (Mexican), Relish and Mode (high end restaurants with great happy hour bargains).  If you must go out or are around on off-season, check out the following:  Blue Moose (breakfast), Wasabi (Japanese), Mode, Blue River Bistro, and Relish (high end), Breckenridge Brewery (brewery food and often crowded), Gold Pan (oldest bar and town with food in a side room including breakfast, lunch and early dinner), Daylight Donuts (Eliza's favorite), and the very popular Crepe stand on main street downtown.  While skiing, we often go to Spenser's which is part of the Beaver Run hotel and conference center.  They have a daily buffet that costs less than a hamburger and fries in the ski cafeteria.  It is a very civilized way to have lunch rather then the cow cattle yards of the ski resort.  Find it just to the left of the Copper Top just behind the Beaver Run lift.